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J-Plas is a manufacturer and supplier of both injection moulding product and extruding moulding products. We design, study, produce and sell plastic products to satisfy every specific need. The Company is leader in injection moulding and extruding moulding technology and already passed the 28th anniversary and is still looking ahead.

Since 1980, we have started to manufacture the injection moulding plastic products. We offer you a variety of plastic products that are designed to bring efficiency, productivity and professionalism to your manufacturing, material handling or laboratory environment. Beside that we also manufacturing the plastic flooring and other products fro Poultry, Animal industries.

In year 2000, we acquired a company which is expert in extruding moulding products, by doing that, we extent our line by supplying PVC building materials and also all kind of plastic pipe. We have a diverse product mix of Decorative wall & Ceiling paneling, windowsill, interlock panel, PVC profile, telecom pipe, electronic pipe, water pipe and more……

Production basics, we have two plants now, one is 42,000 meter square and another one is 50,000 meter square manufacturing facility with 200 employees.

The R&D department make the analysis of the new requests coming from any customers and develops the right product for that need. Developing criteria are functionality, modularity, flexibility.

First class materials and advanced technology give to all JPlas production high performance and durability. Every article is duly tested prior to marketing.

It's time to deliver some inspiration to you. Call or email us to request a quote or more information about the tools that are right for you.

To learn more about our facility and products, please contact JPlast through the Enquiries Page, or email us directly at [email protected]

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